Markus Döhring: Think cloudish, Dear Public Sector!

The structure reflects the content.

Optimism drives him. Döhring believes that it is necessary to rethink the system. That will gain momentum due to the virtualization impetus caused by Corona. Let us together believe. If the public sector learned to think cloudish, it could at least adapt its teaching at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences much better to the needs of the industry.

They gave a promise

A large insurance company has already made a promise: They want to send five students to the Data Science Master’s program at HAW. In this case, the company representatives are directly involved in the design of the study program. “Do a little more on data quality, data cleansing or data governance,” it could whistle from the rooftops.

Döhring is a man with visions, a fighter for his students. He wants to prepare them for these demands. Because he is sure of one thing: This demanded independence will definitely come. Maybe not today, not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We learned from Corona, as he says, that some things can accelerate suddenly. You never know what will be the demand for tomorrow.



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