Ranga Yogeshwar

When he expresses his opinion, it is somehow part of the social duty to listen. Not only because he has a talent for scientific chanting. But also because Ranga Yogeshwar, the physicist, never polarizes. He tries to scientifically unite all views. His listeners are therefore certain to gain knowledge. His attitude towards artificial intelligence (AI) is a nice example of his rare rhetorical stylistic ability.

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He dared to look into the future on Swiss television in June 2019. He postulated AI as an incubator for a new coexistence: What will the future bring? …

We spoke with frontwoman Claudia Kleinert from famous ARD weather broadcasting show (German TV station). She explained the role of artificial intelligence for her (future) work. If anyone comes across who wants to predict how the winter season will turn out, this one will not be her colleague. Dear Claudia Kleinert, it was a really nice conversation. Thank you for the look behind the scenes.

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She is a showpiece. As a presenter, she flickers across the screen 10 times a day for three minutes and has been doing so for many years. No one can get past her…

Roland Potthast

The German Weather Service (DWD) use supercomputers that do not use artificial intelligence to produce worldwide weather forecasts every three hours. Correctly read. They still exist, the last refuges that manage without artificial intelligence. We always wanted to know where these islands of bliss are.

What sounds understandable to the initiated, seems strange to laymen. Especially the DWD should be predestined for AI applications. With such a tremendous amount of data, they process daily, hourly and minutely. 30 terabytes being produced a day. …

Antonio Krüger

When Professor Dr Antonio Krüger says “it is possible”, then the federal government is also allowed to pat himself on the back. Krüger works at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) as Chairman of the Board of Directors and is member of the AI Enquiry Commission of the German Bundestag. When Professor Dr Antonio Krüger says “it’s possible”, he has also laid down a learning curve himself. Because until then, it was not entirely clear to him that Germany was underperforming in Europe in terms of digitization in the healthcare sector. …

Diego Kuonen

Diego Kuonen is a statistical engineer and has been trapped in an experiment for almost 20 years. He has been experimenting with sustainable data culture. Above all, he proclaims this to his students. “They should take something for their future. Not just hard facts.” Diego Kuonen wants to raise data literacy among all of us and encourage responsible handling of data.

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And he almost thought he had no choice but to give up. But as so often, things turned out differently in this case. Because now everyone seems to have been stung by the digital tarantula and…

Deutsche Bahn carries people and goods from A to B. As banal as this may sound, it is ideal for understanding artificial intelligence (AI) even better and, above all, for grasping its social significance. This is why we spoke with Thomas Thiele, the man who is driving AI for Deutsche Bahn and is also a member of the advisory board of Peter Feldmann’s AI Frankfurt Rhein-Main e.V. association. The mobility and logistics giant has probably recognized the urgency of optimizing classic railroad technology with new technologies.

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Dr Thomas Thiele is a mechanical engineer. He studied at the…

Helmut Linde

The data science scene is divided into start-ups and corporates — is that really so? The answer depends on who you ask. Start-ups are certain that corporates will not (want not) get out of their proprietary structures. That they would never even think of looking for their data science community elsewhere than at traditional conferences. Corporates, on the other hand, say that this is not true at all. We were interested in this difference in perception. So we talked to Helmut Linde from Merck, a passionate Meet-up guest.

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The global Head of Data Science & Analytics at Merck…

On the left the bakery, on the right the organic store, then the information and visavis the temple. Just before the temple stands a stele. Then we see many cashier areas, an information counter and directly behind the entrance to paradise: the temple. Where are we? We are in St. Wendel at Globus, 50 miles away from Saarbrücken (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Where does AI navigate the retail industry? This we discussed with Rouven Dörr ( Globus ) and Frederic Kerber ( DFKI ).

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At Globus you can shop without any compromise, that’s the slogan on the company’s homepage. Indeed…

This article handles the question of to which extent academic teaching is linked to real business life. Prof Markus Döhring from University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt (HAW) faced our asking.

“Don’t be content with an impressive computer. Students of data science should receive a budget with which they decide how to solve a problem.” This is the vision of Professor Markus Döhring, Chair of Data Science at HAW, the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. And he says no, there is no reception at our institute that accepts industry’s requests for our teachings. Question: “Why not, wouldn’t that make…

Ulrich Spaan

The retail industry. Social Distancing, digitalization, artificial intelligence, customer fears. Where do the symbols of German prosperity go from here, is the retail industry in a snuffy state? To answer this question, we should start at the beginning and not at the end. The shortage of IT specialists in the retail sector is such a front. And one person who could give us some information here is Ulrich Spaan. At the EHI Retail Institute, he is responsible for the IT and e-commerce research areas at management level.

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And just now, of all times, at the narrow end of…

Andrea Deinert

Journalist // Blogger // Podcaster with focus on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science /// AI Series — SAS Hidden Insights

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